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Dec 26

AppSauna – ‘A Game We Can All Get Behind’

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There’s no denying that most people believe in supporting worthwhile causes. Some of us only talk about it, others donate money and a very exceptional few actually donate time. While doing what we can to better the world around us is certainly a worthy pursuit, is it humanly possible to recruit the help of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of other people? Where would one person even begin?

Guerillapps tackles that very pursuit with a simple game: Trash Tycoon, a social game that shows players the benefits of recycling.

Instead of focusing on the negative aspects of pollution and global warming, Trash Tycoon reveals wonderful things that can be created with recycled materials through the process of upcycling. While many parents and teachers would love to teach kids about recycling—essentially, why we need to separate our trash and what happens to it after it’s picked up—it’s quite challenging to make a lasting impression and ultimately mold environmentally aware kids. However, even 30 minutes of Trash Tycoon has potential to make an impact as players can truly appreciate its fun, casual gaming medium.

TrashTycoon AvatarMap

Trash Tycoon isn’t just a marketing angle, either—Guerillapps really believes in this cause. Not only are they hard at work recruiting sponsors who donate to conservation charities, but themselves donate a portion of their revenue to Carbonfund.org.

Raviv Turner, CEO of Guerillapps, took time out of his busy schedule to talk to us about his motivation for creating Trash Tycoon.

AppSauna: Trash Tycoon is currently in Beta, how much of the game content is complete and can you reveal any of the items on your wish list to work on post release?

What you see in the game right now is only the tip of the iceberg of what Guerillapps has in the works. The game is constantly getting updated with new content and features every week or two, and we even have a special Winter Holiday update in the next few weeks. Upcoming features will include “Ask Friends for Energy,” “Upcycle Wish List,” and even trash-stealing animals. Each month will also bring new characters and new missions.

TrashTycoon Kraft FactoryStore

AppSauna: What came first—the game or the cause? Did you decide you wanted to make a game and then began looking for content, or did you set out to promote saving our environment first in the game development process?

It was a completely simultaneous process. We knew that we wanted to leverage the engagement of games to change recycling behavior—we then discovered the world of upcycling, the process of making greater value products out of waste. TerraCycle, a recycling-centered company based out of Trenton, New Jersey, even decided to partner with Guerillapps to make a social game about the concept.

AppSauna: Can you discuss your relationship with Kraft and if you are pursuing any other partners to help support recycling?

Kraft is one of our integrated brands. They make a really big push on sustainability and are great fans of our game. We got Kraft integrated down to the core game play in a fun and engaging way, and are currently communicating with other consumer packaged good companies and retailers.

AppSauna: Are you working on any other games outside of Facebook to help increase awareness for recycling?

Yes, there is a mobile and browser-based kids version in the works.

AppSauna: Are there any other causes you plan to turn into games? Renewable energy perhaps?

Yes, definitely. We are looking at both the health and energy space next—both sectors can benefit from a game platform that can better engage the consumer.

AppSauna: Do you recycle?

Absolutely! Amusingly enough, I constantly have my three-year-old son chasing me around the house to place the water bottle in the right bin.

Thank you Raviv for your time.

Visit the Trash Tycoon webpage on AppSauna, rate it 5 stars and play it on Facebook. You’ll feel good you did.


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