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Sep 10

“Trash Tycoon” Brings Eco-Responsibility to Social Gaming

Post image for “Trash Tycoon” Brings Eco-Responsibility to Social Gaming

Trash Tycoon is a green-themed game for Facebook from social gaming startup Guerillapps. The game, which launched this week, teaches players about environmental issues and sustainability while they compete.

Trash Tycoon highlights upcycling, the concept of converting trash into new products. Users take on the role of a recycling entrepreneur, collecting trash and finding new environmentally friendly uses for discarded items such as plastic bags or building material. As you complete upcycling tasks, you earn points, money and ultimately the title of “garbage tycoon.”

The game’s creators believe social play has the ability to affect real-life behaviors. “Something as simple as a social game where players earn points for recycling in the real world is capable of changing people’s behavior for the better,” says Raviv Turner, cofounder and CEO of Guerillapps.

In addition to teaching sustainable behaviors, Trash Tycoon will donate 10% of its in-game purchases to CarbonFund.org, a non-profit organization dedicated to fighting climate change.

Original Article by Zoe Fox: http://mashable.com/2011/09/09/trash-tycoon-social-gaming/